Nations, regions, families, individuals…
In community,
Common unity,
We are One.
Citizens of the world
United in allegiance
To a shared present
and common future
Within the web of life.
72950024The WORLD COMMUNITY FLAG (also known as the World Unity Flag)
was introduced in 1996
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Both a visual symbol and a cultural activity…
Acknowledging the inherent unity – the interconnectedness and interdependence of life,
the World Unity Flag is neither political nor religious.
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Bridging the borders and bias that separate, beyond any national affiliations, this flag travels freely throughout the seven continents on Earth seeking to inspire the innovative, collaborative solutions to ensure a healthy, peaceful, sustainable  future “seven generations” and beyond.
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Passing from hand to hand, community to community, coursing along natural networks of human relationships, the World Community Flag reminds us to appreciate natural systems and laws (Earth, Air, Water, Sun, Sky and Space) the unifying elements that All Peoples, All Nations, All Life depends .

Promoting the need for a global perspective and swift action towards ecologic stewardship and increased economic stability, the World Unity Flag is an inclusive, collaborative symbol representing the ingenuity, diversity and  collective genius of people when they unite in the common goal of creating  “a shared vision for OUR common future”.



The World Unity Flag  is offered as a tool to inspire peace, reconciliation and planetary (social, cultural, economic and environmental) restoration.You and your school, community group, club, society or association are invited to join this COMMUNITY initiative and get involved…




Diana Lindley
Project Coordinator