Unity is the Heart of All Community!”
The World Unity Flag,
devoid of political or national affiliation…
Spiritual but not religious
Representing a co-creative
self-organizing movement
committed to personal
and planetary peace
Healing the Earth by healing ourselves…
one person…one family…community at a time….
The World Unity Flag   derives its symbolism from various cultural traditions
 a unifying-symbol, designed and reproduced…
Touched by the hands and hearts of many tens of thousands of people around the world.
A consecrated symbol that transcends boundaries of race, religion, language, even species…
As populations increase and the effects of climate change escalate, to meet the many challenges ahead, we certainly will need to pull together.
Let us work together for a just, safe, peaceful, healthy future for our children
ALL our children.Let us put our greatest genius, our hands and hearts together…to the mutual support and good for ALL.

“Together we are Strong!”

“Where there is a will, there is away”
Let us support the development and implement the solutions and strategies, tools, technologies and techniques for living on this Earth in gentler, more efficient, happier and inspired ways!
Let’s connect with each other to help each other.
Numerous World Unity Flags have been made by tens of thousands of people and continue to travel through the natural networks of human relationships (to such countries as Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, New Zealand, India, Tibet, Spain, Zimbabwe…. to name a few) and promoting the need to develop protective agreements (International Laws) to protect the natural system (air, water, marine and terrestrial).
Countless community members, including school children, have co-creatively made many large versions of the Flag, as well thousands of postcards and many tens of thousands of small recycled-paper flags have been distributed.
As the Unity Flags travel across continents, they are embraced by people of many faiths and cultural beliefs and have been blessed by many spiritual leaders.  The World Unity Flag is a symbolic reminder of our inherent unity, and the co-operative spirit necessary to seek mutually supportive solutions to our common needs, issues and concerns.
The Unity Flag was co-created as a symbol of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life on planet Earth, a banner under which we can align as ONE…One People,  ONE Planet , ONE Family.
It represents:
  • Respect for All                                    lilkid panting
  • Commitment to confront universal issues and concerns.
  • Co-creation of strategic plans for a sustainable future.
  • Promotion of healthful techniques and technologies for living.
  • Development and support of skills and methods for facilitating co-operative resolutions, which bridge the barriers of separation.
  • Fostering a shift in attitude and activity to better consider the good of all.
Thanks to the concerted effort of international educators and activists, civic and spiritual leaders, the World Unity Flag has evolved through its 17 years of service to humanity.