What Does the World Unity Flag Represent?
Inter-twined within the web of Life
              Every day our lives inter-sect and connect,
                                       Who-ever we are
Where ever we are….Unity is the Heart of Community…
The seven-stripe rainbow is the background of the World Unity Flag and was chosen as classically it represented a bridge which links humanity to spirit – art and science…the head to the heart.
It is a symbol of:
  • Diversity
  • Co-operation
  • Multi-culturalism
  • Encouraging the People’s of the seven continents on Earth to  plan ahead “Seven Generations”
  • The Unity Flags’ central earth is often personalized in it’s representation, depending on who has made it, where and with what.  World Unity Flags have been made many different ways kid’s with crayons, block-painting or screened, air-brushed or by hand.
  • Like the people who make them, The Flag looks the same from a distance, but different close up.
  • Each of us is the centre of our own World - different yet the same – to heal the Earth we must start by healing ourselvesas Individuals – Families – Communities- Regions – Nations – Continents – The World
Surrounding the Earth are two circles, a black band and a white band of equal thickness,  representing:
  • The polarities of light/ dark
  • Positive/negative
  • Male/female.
Encircling this central image is an inter-twined cord of gold and silver, which represents:
- Sun and the Moon  (the lunar and solar influences ie: gravity, weather and tidal patterns.)
- Double helix of our DNA strands…”common threads.”-
- Inter-weaving  “directly and indirectly” of our live’s.
- Seen and unseen worlds -  from the smallest atom to the largest most distant galaxy.Ultimately the symbolism is personal to each individual.
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