As an individual, school, club, association or any group of any kind, there are lots of ways to get involved…

Let’s connect with each other to help each other.
The intention for the World Unity Flag is that this symbol be reproduced and spread about the world…to start a conversation, a dialogue on what is/are our most basic common needs and how these needs can be met in ways which are life-serving and sustainable- in balance with natural laws.
  • Make a flag with your friends and community.
  • Download, print, and display free flags.
  • Share your message or story of peace with us.
  • Link to our website!
  • Join our newsletter to keep updated
  • Check our event calendar
  • Contact us so we can make friends!
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The World Unity Flag is offered to Serve the Community and is symbol of a growing mutually supportive, self-organizing movement and is  a reminder and symbol of the essential goodness and genius of Humanity to come through for the Benefit  of All!

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