Celebrating 25 years 
(1996 – 2021)

“Our planet’s survival depends upon our seeing
beyond national or regional boundaries.”  

As barriers of race, gender, culture
religion, geography, politics
and even species are transcended,
we come to know at our deepest level
that all things are interconnected. 

Nations, regions, families, individuals…
In community,
Common unity,

We are ONE

The World Unity Flag 
Calls upon Humanity
the global community
Citizens of Planet Earth
To Unite
in allegiance
as stewards of the Earth
preserve the rights of future generations
to inherit safe conditions in which to live
and meet their unique potentials.


Commit to conduct our economic affairs
in harmony and balance
with Natural Laws


Agree to protect and respect the rights and needs
of the many plants and animals and life forms
with whom we share this home planet.

Now, with so many global challenges
more than ever…we may feel Alone.

The World Unity Flag reminds us that we are…

Separate yet, together
We are All ONE 

In Community
Common -unity

We are ONE


The World Unity Flag is a co-creative symbol
offered and displayed
in recognition of Humanity’s
inherent interconnectedness and interdependence.

NOW is the time to bring our “heads, hands  and hearts”
together for the common good!

Like “a rising tide that lifts all boats”
we can uplift one another!

We can accomplish Great things
when we work together

combine our genius, creativity;
tools, techniques and technologies;
share our wisdom, resources and skills.


Thank You!
to the many tens of thousands
of people
 from around the world

who have participated through the years,
to collaborate and create this international art project


The World Unity Flag.


The fabric of humanity is strengthened when
people start
“pulling together”.